Housing in Petersburg is relatively inexpensive compared to other large Southeast Alaska communities. Rental costs range from approximately $500 to as much as $1,500 per month, depending on size, type, and location.

The number of homes available for sale fluctuates, and a recent population decline has increased the number of homes on the market. There continues to be new home construction, and as new homes are built, older ones become available. There are building lots available in town and throughout the island, although residential beachfront property is at a premium. A buyer should plan to spend at least $140,000 for a small, three-bedroom home in a residential area, and up to $300,000 or more for a home on the beach. Petersburg has two realtors (http://www.petersburgproperties.com and www.homespetersburg.com), and there are also listings in Petersburg Pilot, the local newspaper (http://www.petersburgpilot.com/). Bank loans through Alaska Housing Authority, are managed by the two local banks, will take at least 60 days, if everything goes well.

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Home construction is relatively expensive and usually involves an extended building period due to unique construction requirements, such as the use of driven pilings in the muskeg in lieu of regular foundations, weather, and shipment of materials. Local building supplies are expensive, limited, and most materials must be barged up from Seattle. Petersburg has several local contractors with the expertise needed for building and remodeling in the Southeast Alaska environment.

Petersburg has several trailer courts and areas zoned for permanent mobile home placement. R.V. parks are available for travelers or those seeking less-permanent living accommodations

Utility rates (electricity, water, sewer, garbage) are quite reasonable and actually lower than many places Down South. See Borough of Petersburg (http://ci.petersburg.ak.us/). Most people use some combination of oil, electric, or wood to heat their homes.

Property tax base is currently 11.21 mills and sales tax is 6%. Alaska has no state sales tax or state income tax at this time.