Muskeg Maleriers

Polly Koeneman

January 10, 2018

to: Chamber of Commerce membership

from: The Muskeg Maleriers

topic: Your rosemal boards/signs

Spring is coming soon and we want to send you some hints on keeping your beautiful rosemal boards clean and well maintained for the 2018 season.

1) Clean your boards or signs at least once a year with a gentle sudsy soap and soft rags-no bleach or harsh products.

2) Rinse off and dry then determine if you need to reapply varnish to keep the surface artwork and your wood protected and in good shape.

3) If a fresh application of varnish is needed, check with one of the Maleriers to see what product to use for the best results.

Our members are ~ Lynda Fredricksen, Polly Koeneman, Carol Stedman,
Jean Curry, Bobi Trani, Arlana Corl, Rhoda Gilbert, Judy Forgey and Sally Dwyer

The maleriers group has been active in the community since 1974. It is our goal to keep our Norwegian heritage alive and well with visual arts around town, painting classes for all levels from beginner to advanced by bringing in internationally recognized teachers every other year, and volunteering in the schools.

We hope you will consider adding rosemaled signs or boards to your businesses this year to tie together and enhance the beauty of our wonderful community. We are currently taking reservations to paint new boards or refresh the paint on older boards for 2018.

Call Polly Koeneman at 907-772-3422 home or 908-518-0866 cell for information.

Thank you,

The Muskeg Maleriers

Petersburg 99833 AK US
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