Petersburg Hospital

Petersburg Medical Center (907-772-4291) has four resident physicians, a hospital, a local a clinic, a long-term care center and offices for visiting doctors. Visiting physicians including ophtholmologists, gynecologists, podiatrists, and orthopedic surgeons, offer clinics at Petersburg Medical Center. Other health care providers include a chiropractor, two dental offices, and several massage therapists. A small-animal veterinarian takes care of the many pets of Petersburg. She works with the Humane Association to care for and find home for stray animals.

Petersburg Mental Health Services (907 772 3332) provides mental health counseling and substance abuse services. Other agencies such as Community Connections and Cornerstone provide respite and in-home assisted living services for people with special needs.

There is a vast array of mental health, social and community service organizations and agencies in Petersburg.

The Community Resource Directory (Revised spring 2004 and Complied by the Petersburg Human Services Board) provides a comprehensive listing of local, state and federal resources.

Community Resource Directory (pdf file 74k download)