Petersburg is not your typical small community. Because the town is isolated (over 100 miles from the nearest large city) and on an island, it is self-contained and self-reliant. Most necessary resources are readily available, within the town.

fishingboatPetersburg Harbor
© Ryn Schneider

Commercial fishing and fish processing are the major employers, closely followed by federal, state and city governmental support agencies, and support businesses.

Petersburg has well-staffed and well-equipped, modern dental and medical facilities, including a 14-bed hospital. The medical services provided by the Petersburg Medical Center are supplemented by specialized physicians who visit regularly from all over the state and the Northwest. Mountain View Manor provides assited living and elderly care.

Many clubs and organizations have evolved over the years, including a large number of non-profit groups. Most residents are active in some aspect of Petersburg’s community life, and become involved in non-profit groups, Sons of Norway and other fraternal organizations, borough boards and commissions, and in groups that have grown out of common interests. Athletic teams are available for the young or young-at-heart through the Petersburg’s Parks and Recreation Department, the Petersburg Little League, and other organizations.

At last count there were 13 churches/religious groups in Petersburg, which is a large number for a community of 3060 people. This helps to explain another aspect of life in Petersburg–that many retail businesses are closed on Sundays.

During the school year, much of the community activity revolves around school and student activities. The residents have always been very proud of and supportive of their students. With the coming of summer, the focus changes to the waterfront. Many families are involved in fishing, either commercial or sport. Petersburg is a very dynamic, active place, with something for everyone.