PSG Chamber news & updatesFeb 25, 2019 | Issue 19.1

PSG Chamber news & updates Feb 25, 2019 | Issue 19.1 Upcoming Events Borough Assembly Meeting’s February 25th 6:00PM & March 4th @ Noon – Homecoming Basketball vs Wrangell March 1st & 2nd March 11th-16th School Spring Break Chamber Board mtg Noon March 14th & 28th About Town: Emblem Club will hold its 29th State […]

PSG Chamber news & updates
Feb 25, 2019 | Issue 19.1

Upcoming Events
Borough Assembly Meeting’s February 25th 6:00PM & March 4th @ Noon –
Homecoming Basketball vs Wrangell March 1st & 2nd
March 11th-16th School Spring Break
Chamber Board mtg Noon March 14th & 28th

About Town:
Emblem Club will hold its 29th State Convention here in Petersburg April 23rd-28th. They are expecting upwards of 60 participants to the ASAEC Convention from across the State/lower 48.

Little Norway Festival:
May 16th-19th 2019
Committee meetings are on sporadic Tuesdays @ Noon
Please join the committee if you would like to have input into the events.

Annual Meeting –
The annual meeting and banquet was a great success! Thank you all who attended. We were served a wonderful dinner from Liv & Heidi by PHS Cheer squad, we heard wonderful words from both Sen. Stedman and CEO of PMC Phil Hofstetter, We honored Homeport Electronics as business of the year, and raised some money through the delicious dessert auction! Thank you again!
The Alaska Municipal League has created a presentation regarding Governor Dunleavy’s proposed budget. The presentation gives a good picture about community impacts statewide on a variety of issues. The Assembly has placed the presentation on their website – here is a link to the presentation.

Severing a 60 year partnership.

Save Electricity
It might be time to take down those Holiday lights

From the Borough Website: As a result of continued dry and cold conditions that are having an ongoing negative effect on the hydroelectric lake levels, PMPL has started a supplemental diesel power campaign.

Customers are encouraged to conserve power in order to reduce the overall requirement for generation fuel and water usage at the Tyee and Swan plants. Below are some tips to help our customers conserve energy needed for lighting and hot water.

Water heating can account for 14%-25% of the energy consumed in your home. Take shorter showers, don’t run hot water continuously, wash clothes in warm or cold water.*
Turn down temperature of your water heater to 115-120 degrees F.*
Check if your water heater has an insulating blanket. An insulating blanket will pay for itself in one year or less but don’t cover the tank thermostat during blanket installation!
Take showers with low-flow shower heads (they use 50% less hot water) instead of baths.
Run only full loads in your dishwashers and clothes washers.
Turn off your lights in unoccupied rooms or consider installing timers, photo cells, or occupancy sensors to reduce the amount of time your lights are on.*
Put away Holiday lights and save them for next year!

PMPL thanks our customers for their understanding, support and conservation.
Questions can be directed to PMPL at 772-4203

Note: The Petersburg Chamber is NOT a member of the Alaska Chamber.
What is going on at the State level with the Budget

State Matters: Budget – Lots of action happening on the state level in regards to the State Budget. Both Petersburg Borough and Petersburg School District receive funding from the State of Alaska. Some of that funding is in place because of laws passed by previous Legislatures. The Governor’s Budget Proposal is complex and only a starting point for negotiations as the House and Senate are the actual appropriators of the State funds. The Chamber Board will be writing to our Legislators and Governor in opposition to at least two parts of the proposed budget: under funding of the Alaska Marine Hwy and the Repeal of shared Fish Taxes. I will try to explain each succinctly.
The under funding of the AMHS would basically fund operations until Oct 1, 2019. A consultant is being hired to evaluate the system to make a recommendation on what to do next. That report isn’t due until August 1, well past when the State budget would be enacted (July 1) . Our assumption is that this is the start of the process for the Governor’s office to begin shuttering the AMHS. There has been decades of research and studies of what to change about the AMHS – it is unlikely that an unnamed consultant will be able to make meaningful conclusions by August 1st deadline. Sen. Stedman and Rep Kreiss- Tompkins will be fighting to reinstate the funding in the budget, but will need support from other legislators for the funding to be “veto proof”.
SB 63 & HB65 – Some of the budget cuts require legislation to be passed by both the House, Senate and signed into law by the Governor. That is the case with the repeal of revenue sharing – specifically the removing of “sharing portion” of Raw Fish Tax. Currently – the processors pay a tax on the fish they land – the state splits that tax with the communities the fish are landed in. Petersburg received $800,000 in tax revenue from the State last fiscal year. The Bills, put forth by the Governor (listed above) would repeal the sharing portion of the tax to the communities, NOT the collection of the tax. Essentially the State will retain all the tax collected for use in their general fund.

These are just two topics the Chamber Board has opposed at this time, but there are several items that would directly effect Petersburg such as:
Under funding of Education which would be a cut of $1.4 million to the Petersburg School District. There is no legislation attached to this cut, yet – it is underfunded by the Governor. (similar to the funding of the AMHS) Senators and Representatives can add the money back into the budget – but the Governor can veto it out and the Legislators would have to super majority override it. Meaning, 45 of the 60 total members would have to override the Governor’s expected veto.
Repeal of Public Broadcasting Funding – SB 67/HB69 would zero out state funding for public radio including funding for Gavel Alaska which broadcasts committee meetings and hearings at the Capitol so that citizens can stay informed about what is happening in Juneau.
Repeal of School Bond debt HB 66 & SB 64 – known in our community as GO bonds- if this bill were to pass, the debt would be passed onto Service Area 1 property taxes payers of $466,000, or just over a 1 mil increase.

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