Business of the Year

Kito’s Kave owners receive the Business of the Year award at the Chamber of Commerce annual banquet, Feb. 13. (L-R) Hillary Whitethorn, Jimmy Swainson, and Joe Ieremia. Photo/Angela Denning

William Bergman Wins Both First and Second place in the 2015 Canned Salmon Classic

The total cans processed was 12,516,654
William guessed 12,502,814 and 12,522,814Thank you to everyone that bought tickets. The money is used for high school scholarships.

New Website Fee Policy:

The Board of Directors recently formalized the policy for website fees for Chamber members.  You can read the policy on our website here. Please note that the most significant change relates to non-profit members, so please read this policy.

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Chamber board meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of the month at noon. If you have any issues that you wish to be addressed by the Board, you can call the Chamber at 772-3646 or send an e-mail to Please let us know if you would like copies of the minutes e-mailed to you.